Senator Ted Cruz: Our Religious Freedoms Under Attack

by Charles Peck on June 20, 2014

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On June 19, 2014, in a speech before the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s Road to Majority Conference in Washington, D.C., Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) spoke about Americans’ religious freedoms being under attack worldwide. He cited the case of Meriam Ibrahim, wife of an American and the young mother of two American babies, who, along with her two children, sits in a Sudanese prison, awaiting execution of her sentence for the crimes of apostasy (converting from Islam and refusing to renounce her Christian faith) and adultery (marrying an infidel Christian).

Ibrahim was raised as a Christian by her mother, but under Islamic law she is Muslim as her father was Muslim; her marriage to a non-Muslim is therefore not recognized by Islam. Her punishment: 100 lashes for adultery followed by hanging by the neck for apostasy, so decreed by the Sharia (Islamic) court. This is but the latest publicized example of the nature and application of Sharia Law, and its pervasively discriminatory attitude and conduct toward women. And, our government, whose function it is to protect each of us and our constitutionally guaranteed liberties, is either fearful or loathe to challenge it. Members of the Administration, as well as most in Congress, have remained fairly silent about Ibrahim’s fate, choosing instead to focus their media-time rhetoric on whether or not we should have traded five high-level Al- Qaida mass-murderers for an Army private who may or may not have committed treason. I applaud Senator Cruz for providing us a reality check about this ongoing assault on our religious freedoms and for bringing Ms. Ibrahim’s case to the forefront. That is leadership.

I should mention that I had the honor and privilege of meeting Senator Cruz at the Heritage Foundation’s annual Leadership Conference last year. He was the keynote speaker for their evening event and I was there to provide security for it. I like to consider myself a consummate security professional, but admittedly, this assignment tested me more than any other I can recall. As Senator Cruz spoke, I found it very challenging to maintain focus on the happenings around the room and not on him and the message he was communicating. In front of an audience, or face-to-face in private as I would discover later in the evening, he is a warm, engaging and humble man who speaks passionately from the heart about who he is and what he holds dear. Those are not attributes we encounter every day in our business and for that reason, Senator Cruz has become one of my heroes.

Senator Ted Cruz: Our Religious Freedoms Under Attack

As to the video link that follows, regardless of your political or religious beliefs, if you are an American who cherishes the liberty we all enjoy today, or should be able to enjoy anywhere in the world as a right of citizenship, and you are concerned about the ongoing attacks on those liberties that are occurring all around us, then this 19 minute video might be well worth a mere 19 minutes out of your life to view.

Charles “Chuck” Peck became one of the four founding partners of CASTCorp International in 2007 just after retiring from the San Diego Police Department following 34 years of service as an officer and a supervisor (Sergeant). During his public service career, Chuck served as a field evidence technician, training officer, instructor, supervisor and incident commander. He was the co-founder of “Contact and Cover,” the officer safety field tactic now taught to and employed by law enforcement officers throughout California and the U S. In 1983, he was appointed to the regional Security Planning Committee for the 1984 Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles. During the Games themselves he served on the staff of the renowned security planner, then LAPD Commander, William Rathburn. Subsequent to that, Chuck was recruited by the U.S. Navy’s Naval Investigative Service (now NCIS) to serve as a physical security consultant and trainer. Following 9/11/2001, Chuck added to his expertise in the area of terrorist attack methodologies by launching what has become an ongoing study of the foundations and teachings of Islam and how they relate to promoting and supporting Muslim extremism. Also post 9/11, the SDPD designated him to lead a Homeland Security Team charged with assessing vulnerabilities in and around critical infrastructure sites within San Diego. Chuck was designated an instructor for “Terrorism Awareness/Weapons of Mass Destruction for First Responders” by California’s Commission on Peace Officer Standards & Training (P.O.S.T.).

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