Thanks to a longstanding partnership, we are now able to provide our clients with access to the world’s most extensive databases of historical and current information on over 80,000 topics. The product of more than 25 years of worldwide research and data collection, these databases contain:

  • Over 3 Million Incidents, separated into,
  • 80,000 Topic Chronicles, divided into,
  • 100 Systems, each representing perhaps,
  • Tens of Thousands of Incidents, and each of those with as many as,
  • 1,000 Sub-Headings.

Our databases can be:

  • Industry-Specific

  • Tactic-Specific

  • Target-Specific

  • Topic-Specific

As the U.S. Government, law enforcement agencies, insurance companies and law firms that have used these databases will attest, they contain information that is simply not available from any other source anywhere in the world, without question. Over the years, many have challenged this assertion and in every case that we are aware of, our databases have proven to be the standard-setters. For government agencies charged with defending against terrorist attacks, law enforcement or prosecuting agencies seeking to establish patterns or precedents, corporations and insurance companies seeking ways to reduce client liabilities, or law firms seeking to establish specialized practice competencies, our databases can provide the historical foundation from which to focus research, marketing and professional efforts. For more information on our databases, call us or email us at